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20 Oct 2016

Yesterday I’ve been given 2 invitations of Dribbble to offer.  I’ve given one to my friend,  and would like to offer the left one to a designer who has some brilliant designs.

So if you are a talented designer, drop a link to your folio in the comments or send your amazing works to my email: . I’ll select one to send invitation next week.

Feel free to leave your comment below or contact me on Twitter @hominthesky, if you meet any problem.

我最近得了两枚 Dribbble 邀请码。 一枚已经给我朋友了,另一枚打算给一位有志的设计师。 所以如果你感兴趣且是一位不错的设计师,请在本文评论里留下你的作品链接,或发送你的作品到我的邮箱 即可。

如果有任何问题可直接在评论里留言,或者在 Twitter 联系我。

Now this invitation has been given to a Designer whose playground on Dribbble is . And I’ll keep inviting more designers into Dribbble next time I’m scored the invitations.

Thank you all!

Published on 20 Oct 2016 · Find me on Twitter !

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