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Who are you, and what do you do?

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Hello! I am HungI Chao (趙宏藝), a.k.a Zao Zao (皂皂). I am a multidisciplinary designer, currently working as product designer for Kwai Inc. Previously worked at and and graduated from Sun Yat-sen University.

Born and raised in a small town of Chongqing, China, I've been in Guangzhou studying at Sun Yat-sen University for 4 years and moved to Beijing in 2014 after graduation.

What do you think about design?

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  • Designing isn't painting, so the designer is completely different from the painter. Designer is the one who can solve the problems efficiently & elegantly, and help people solve the problems with understanding and empathy.
  • I am a minimalist, and always push myself to understand "why do that" and find the simplest solutions.
  • I comprehend design in a holistic aspect, so I take the position that as a designer, don't be limited by "DESIGN".
  • You could learn more about my design philosophy on my Blog as well.
  • What hardware do you use?

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    I work with Macbook Pro, attached a Dell 27 Ultra HD 4K Monitor. And I always keep the habit of using iPhone and Android Phone designed by Google (Pixel series or Nexus series previously) at the same time so that I can catch up with the latest update and every little change about both iOS & Android. As an aside, Apple Watch is the most important and user-friendly device for me to record the activity data. Previouly when I didn't design, I used HHKB Type-S which is the simplest and most effecient designed keyborad I've even seen. But I'm a designer most of time, its keys are not so suited for my work.

    And what software?

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    Mostly I design with Sketch for Mac, make prototype with Principle & After Effects, sometimes make visual design with Photoshop, illustrate with Adobe Illustrator & Affinity Designer. I also draw the icons with Adobe Illustrator occasionally because its hand feeling of interaction is smooth, precise and its functions are more powerful than Sketch's to some extend.

    As for teamwork, I use Sketch & Wiki by Confluence to detail out the flows & write documentation, sycn design assets with partners by Google Drive, make design specs with Sketch plugin - Material by Google and upload them to on which show comments and specs to developers.

    How do you seek inspiration?

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    Before kickoff, I like sketching on notebook or Procreate on iPad Pro and create Mood Board to seek idea and plan flows.

    Also, I always learn design and tech methods from those world's top corporations and designers to see what the TOP-NOTCH looks like. They can be the force to push me forward.

    To be frank, I don't think our daily design work needs too many inspirations because design is not art. I tend to believe creating the user-friendly design is a process of learning, sorting out and building the modules which are rational and logical. And actually there have been already tons of mature design patterns for us, so to make good use of them, to analyse why use them and to pick out the most appropriate one are the most important as well as the most fundamental work for designers. Based on that, innovation and inspiration of course should always be what we pursue.

    Can you tell things you love?

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    Creating: drawing, prototyping, coding, making coffee, cooking;
    Exploring: traveling, reading;
    Recording: writing, shooting;
    Beautiful Things: art, design, film, emojis, ugly stuffs that are oddly beautiful.

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