Zhihu for iOS7

2013. 10 | Product Design | Visual Design | Live Version

I was the product designer on this project, led the direction of our product and design with the creatively talented Zhihu mobile team, oversaw test engineer and developers and did my best to keep everyone running in the same direction and guaranteed releasing an iOS7 well - supported & best - experienced product .

Project Description

iOS 7 is a new OS version on Apple mobile devices with the very different visual style, design spirits and underlying architecture. As iOS7 offical version released, we began to think about the topic - how to support iOS7 best ? In this project, we aimed to optimize the operation and prettfy users' experience & interface,trying to do it as perfectly as possible. During 2 months, I compared iOS6 with iOS7 to find their features in interaction and UI, collected the problems and bugs on Zhihu for iOS6 … All we had done is to provide users a better & smoothly worked Zhihu app.


- Analyzed users’ feedbacks & researched users by survey questionnaire.
- Heuristic evaluation.

The scenario people used Zhihu app was almost on the means of transportation / waitting for somebody/ at night before they sleep / in pieces of time. All in all those scenarios were very flexible, as a result, our users may not use Zhihu with their both hands. So people needed the easier-touched buttons & index. Besides, clear information where users could grasp the points quickly was also neccessary.

By checking and analyzing the questionnaire and feedbacks, I could confirm furthur that what people really want are our valuable and amazing contents including good Q&A/ users/ articles.


Provided contents which users could approach easily anytime & anywhere.

Since content is our biggest value, I need to make good use of it to attract new users and service for old users. When people found interesting contents they would be inspired the desire of record and share. So we had to provided more ways to let users share the contents to other notes tools / popular IM and SNS.


I follow the iOS7 official guideline redesign Zhihu app from 3 aspects.


In this process, I worked with developers. Even though the UI was very simple, we still had to give the user a best way to navigate through the app and interact with the app. Since space was precious and important I tied to find evey trivial bug and flaw and made sure that every single pixel was perfect. And I put up with some new strategies to make the animation and gestures more smooth, discussed and realized it with the developers.

After 2 months's hard working, Zhihu for iOS7 was released on Dec. 16. 2013. We received lots of positive feedbacks and comments and we continued to optimize this version.

Please go to check Zhihu for iOS7 Live Version

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