Zhihu Promo

2013.7 – 2014.2 | Illustration Design | Graphic Design

I was the Visual Designer on these projects, working with Zhihu marketing team and Zhihu operation team. I discussed and brainstormed with those talented and creative partners , came up with ideas/ concepts and plan of each promo event and finished the work of visual design.

Project Description

The works below is what I've done for Zhihu promotion during the periods I worked in Zhihu, including Zhihu Weekly/ Campus Promo Activity/ Zhihu Round Table/ Weibo Promo Activity/ Wechat Promo etc, in order to give extra amazing experience to our users and increase the influence of Zhihu.com.

Zhihu Weekly Cover Design

Zhihu Weekly is an electronic magazine. it is like a collection or Zhihu editor's choice based on a subject. It would be published on Amazon/ 豆瓣阅读/ 多看 every week. You can download it for free.

Promotion Activities

Keep Zhihu Popular & in the Public eye

I discussed with Zhihu marketing & operation team and helped they finish the part of art and design. By those activities and public accounts building, we provided the friendly way for users to communicate and interact with .

Zhihu Round Table Icon Design

Wow! Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

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