WooYun Summit 2015

2015.4 – 2015.7 Project Planning | Graphic Design

I was the graphic designer and also join in the project planning process for this conference, brainstorming and cooperating with a bunch of jolly people, on a tight deadline. Really enjoy working on it.

Project Description

WooYun Summit is an annual conference with great importance and influence in China's cyber security field. This year - 2015, WooYun and HITCON (short for Hackers In Taiwan Conference) gather in Beijing to hold this grand security meeting and party with the subject - 突破 · No Wall together, bringing various security topics to all hackers and hacking lovers.

Tickets Design

WooYun Summit has two-day-long sessions with Pro Con & Whitehats Day. One is serious and professional, the other is innovative and attravtive. So I expressed and distinguished those two days with black and white colors, also decorated with some geometrical elements to present and highlight Hackers and programmers' rational mind.

Handbag Design

Schedule Guidebook Design

Wow! Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

I’m afraid this case study is just about over. But I've prepared a few more for you so there’s no need to panic (yet).