2015.12 – 2016.6 | VI Design | Illustration Design | Web Design

I was the designer in this project, got the main values and expectation from CEO and looked for the best way to show and communicate those values and goals on the web. also, I collaborated with colleagues from marketing delpartment and tried to understand our products and bussiness targets much more deeply. Combed the Function Structure and wrote copywriting of all features and products which would be presented in official site. Moreover, I was responsible for the logo design, interaction and visual design of this website. And drew icon set and illustrations as well.

Project Description

TangSec is an information security company which is originated from WooYun Commuity and provides security products and cloud services to various clients. There are three main products aiming to help clients to solve their security issues in a fast and effective way - Tangscan / Ce / Burp. In this project, we need to convey our values of company and products to other potential clients and security lovers.


After analysing the characteristics of our brand, I got our target groups and brand radiant range.

Customer Analysing

Different target group has its different characteristics. Therefore we have to provide respectively different proper information for them, get those information together and present in our brand system and official website.

Preparation: Comb and Explore

What could I present to show our competitiveness and core values?After thinking and analysing over and over again (check my article), culture of our brand / unique features of our products / qualifications & talents of our team / technical output of high quality became the main factors I would show in TangSec's VI System.

Final Design

Color Palette

Functional Architecture


Web UI

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